Spring Boot 2 Devtools#

Static Resource Caching#


#spring.freemarker.cache = true //set true in production environment
spring.freemarker.cache = false //set false in development environment; It is false by default.
//Other such properties
spring.thymeleaf.cache = false
spring.mustache.cache = false
spring.groovy.template.cache = false

Auto-refresh vs Auto-restart – Auto-refresh (or auto-load) refer to UI reload at browser to see static content changes. Auto-restart is referred to reloading the server side code and configurations followed by server restart.

Automatic UI refresh#

By default, live reload is enabled. If you wish to disable this feature for some reason, then set spring.devtools.livereload.enabled property to false.


spring.devtools.livereload.enabled  = false #Set false to disable live reload

Excluding Resources from auto-reload#

By default, Auto-reload works on these paths:

  1. /META-INF/maven

  2. /META-INF/resources

  3. /resources

  4. /static

  5. /public

  6. /templates

If you want to disable auto-reload in browser for files in few of these paths, then use spring.devtools.restart.exclude property. e.g.


Watching/Excluding Additional Paths#

There may be few files not in classpath, but you still may want to watch those addtional files/paths to reload the application. To do so, use the spring.devtools.restart.additional-paths property.


Similarily, If you want to keep those defaults and add additional exclusions, use the spring.devtools.restart.additional-exclude property instead.


Automatic server restart#

Enable/disable logging of auto-configuration changes#

spring.devtools.restart.log-condition-evaluation-delta = false

Disabling Restart#

spring.devtools.restart.enabled = false

Using a Trigger File#

Use spring.devtools.restart.trigger-file property to mention the trigger file for your application. It can be any external or internal file.

spring.devtools.restart.trigger-file = d:/workspace/restart-trigger.txt

Global settings file#

To create global file, go to your system’s user’s home directory and create a file named .spring-boot-devtools.properties. (Please note that file name start with a dot). Not use this global property file to configure globally available options. .spring-boot-devtools.properties

spring.devtools.restart.trigger-file = d:/workspace/restart-trigger.txt