Docker Quickstart

Docker concepts

build, run, and share

  • Flexible: Even the most complex applications can be containerized.

  • Lightweight: Containers leverage and share the host kernel, making them much more efficient in terms of system resources than virtual machines.

  • Portable: You can build locally, deploy to the cloud, and run anywhere.

  • Loosely coupled: Containers are highly self sufficient and encapsulated, allowing you to replace or upgrade one without disrupting others.

  • Scalable: You can increase and automatically distribute container replicas across a datacenter.

  • Secure: Containers apply aggressive constraints and isolations to processes without any configuration required on the part of the user.

Containers and virtual machines


Set up your Docker environment

Test Docker version

docker --version
docker -v

Test Docker installation

  1. docker run hello-world

  2. docker image ls

  3. docker ps --all