RediSearch Docker#

A query and indexing engine for Redis, providing secondary indexing, full-text search, vector similarity search and aggregations.

  • redis/redis-stack contains both Redis Stack server and RedisInsight. This container is best for local development because you can use the embedded RedisInsight to visualize your data.

  • redis/redis-stack-server provides Redis Stack server only. This container is best for production deployment.


docker run -d --name redis-stack-server -p 6379:6379 redis/redis-stack-server
docker run -d --name redis-stack -p 6379:6379 -p 8001:8001 redis/redis-stack


Connect with redis-cli#

docker exec -it redis-stack redis-cli

Persistence in Docker#

docker run -v /local-data/:/data redis/redis-stack

Environment variables#

docker run -e REDIS_ARGS="--requirepass redis-stack" redis/redis-stack
docker run -e REDIS_ARGS="--save 60 1000 --appendonly yes" redis/redis-stack
docker run -e REDISTIMESERIES_ARGS="RETENTION_POLICY=20" redis/redis-stack

Runtime Environment#