GitLab Pages Gitbook#

GitLab CI#

This project’s static Pages are built by GitLab CI, following the steps defined in .gitlab-ci.yml

Building locally#

To work locally with this project, you’ll have to follow the steps below:

  1. Fork, clone or download this project

  2. Install GitBook npm install gitbook-cli -g

  3. Fetch GitBook’s latest stable version gitbook fetch latest

  4. Preview your project: gitbook serve

  5. Add content

  6. Generate the website: gitbook build (optional)

  7. Push your changes to the master branch: git push


gitbook --help

  • gitbook ls 列出本地安装版本

  • 语法格式: gitbook ls

  • gitbook current 列出当前使用版本

  • 语法格式: gitbook current

  • gitbook ls-remote 列出远程可用版本

  • 语法格式: gitbook ls-remote

  • gitbook fetch 安装指定版本

  • 语法格式: gitbook fetch [version]

  • gitbook alias 指定文件夹别名

  • 语法格式: gitbook alias [folder] [version]

  • gitbook uninstall 卸载指定版本

  • 语法格式: gitbook uninstall [version]

  • gitbook update 更新指定版本

  • 语法格式: gitbook update [tag]

gitbook help

  • gitbook build 构建电子书

  • 语法格式: gitbook build [book] [output]

  • gitbook serve 启动本地服务器

  • 语法格式: gitbook serve [book] [output]

  • gitbook install 安装插件

  • 语法格式: gitbook install [book]

  • gitbook parse 解析电子书

  • 语法格式: gitbook parse [book]

  • gitbook pdf 输出 PDF 电子书

  • 语法格式: gitbook pdf [book] [output]

  • gitbook epub 输出 epub 电子书

  • 语法格式: gitbook epub [book] [output]

  • gitbook mobi 输出 mobi 电子书

  • 语法格式: gitbook mobi [book] [output]


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