HBase Admin API#

Class HBaseAdmin#

HBaseAdmin is a class representing the Admin. This class belongs to the org.apache.hadoop.hbase.client package.You can get the instance of Admin using Connection.getAdmin() method.

Methods Description
void createTable(HTableDescriptor desc) Creates a new table.
void createTable(HTableDescriptor desc, byte[][] splitKeys) Creates a new table with an initial set of empty regions defined by the specified split keys.
void deleteColumn(byte[] tableName, String columnName) Deletes a column from a table.
void deleteColumn(String tableName, String columnName) Delete a column from a table.
void deleteTable(String tableName) Deletes a table.

Class Descriptor#


Constructor Summary
HTableDescriptor(TableName name) Constructs a table descriptor specifying a TableName object.

Methods and Description#

Methods Description
HTableDescriptor addFamily(HColumnDescriptor family) Adds a column family to the given descriptor

Shutting Down#

  • exit: exit

  • Stopping HBase: ./bin/stop-hbase.sh

Stopping HBase Using Java API#

  • ShutDownHbase